How Can A Cell Phone Tracker Be Used In A Bad Way

A cell phone tracker is a piece of software or hardware, which is used with an intention to track the location of a cell phone or other mobile device, such as a tablet PC. As the name suggests, the purpose of these trackers is to spy on a mobile phone. A cell phone tracker can be used in a good as well as in a bad way. It depends largely on the use of the tracking device or software. In this article, we are going to take a look at the misuse of the mobile phone tracker. So, read on.

Hardware trackers

A hardware tracker has a physical shape, and it is installed in the cell phone service provider’s infrastructure in order to enable it to track a cell phone within the coverage area. It works with the telecom systems to monitor the target phone because the cell phone emits signals all the time whether it changes its location or not.

Software trackers

This type of cell phone tracker is actually a piece of software. All you have to do is get access to the target phone and install the app. The special feature of this tracing app is that it works in stealth mode, meaning the user of the phone won’t come to know that his or her phone is being tracked. The software is tiny and doesn’t use much of the phone resources. That is why the owner of the phone remains unaware of the app installed spy app. Some spy apps are free to downloads off the web, others cost a monthly subscription fee.

Let us know see how a cell phone tracker can be used in a bad way.

Every invention can be used in a positive and negative way in the here and now, and a cell phone tracker is no exception. That means once you have bought an app, it is up to you how you use it. You can use it for good purposes and you can use it for bad purposes as well.

Before we discuss bad uses of a phone tracking app, we should know the good uses. Actually, the main purpose for which these apps were designed was to help parents and employers keep tabs on their kids and employees.

Parents can install a spy app on their kid’s cell phone to make sure their kid don’t misuse the cell phone. A father or mother can let their kid know that they will be monitoring their activities on the cell phone. Apart from this, parents can rest assured that their kids are safe and sound, and that they are not in a dangerous area.

Employers can install a tracking app on their employees cell phones to make sure they are working at the work place. For instance, some business involve outdoor activities such as carpet cleaning. If the tracking apps are installed on the phones of the employees, employers can find out if the workers are at the site.


Now, let us take a look at the misuses of a cell phone spy app.

You are not allowed to install a spy app on someone other than your kid, employee or spouses, as this is against the law in some countries. If you do so, you are invading into their privacy and hence you are committing a crime. You can get a jail time for this.

How will you feel if someone (your friend, for example) gets access to your phone and installs a spy app on it? I am sure you will get really mad at him. After all, your friend doesn’t have the right to access your personal information. You cannot let him know who you make calls or send messages to.

A cell phone tracking app can be installed in under five minutes on any smartphone nowadays. Once this app is installed on the target smartphone, you can monitor all the activities done on the phone, including calls made or received, SMS sent or received, browsing history and so on and so forth. You can also access the data stored on the phone. Suppose someone does this too you. Would you like it? No, this act comes under the act of privacy invasion, which is not allowed.

One of the main issues with using phone tracking to monitor or track children or elderly relatives is the sense of a lack of trust on your part. Although you are likely to have resentment and arguments with children anyway, relatives may react equally as resentful despite all your good intentions.

Ultimately the issues will depend on what you decide to use a mobile phone tracker for. Whether it is intended for use in the countryside or a teenager’s pocket, to trace a possible lost car or let people know where you are.

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