How can I track my car with GPS

Installing GPS to your car could be real helpful in a number of different situations. But buying the GPS system and installing it could be a little bit expensive if you don’t have it already embedded into your vehicle. You can create your own GPS tracking device at low cost and it will function just fine. GPS tracking can let you find your car in case it gets stolen, after contacting the police of course. It can allow you to track your company owned cars in case someone else is driving them. Car tracking can allow your family members to see your car moving in real time while you are on the road.

Installing a GPS tracking system used to cost a fortune but not anymore. All you need now is a phone that is GPS-equipped and you will be good to go. There are a lot of cheap and even free applications that would allow you to track your car. They will allow you to find the exact location of the car or see it moving in real time.

Some of these applications allow you to connect your car tracking system to your PC or mobile. They usually take no time to function and start working by just signing up. They will start sending signals to your mobile phone transferring it into a complicated tracking device without going through the hassle of installing new software.

Some apps like Arduino send SMS directly to your mobile phone. The SMS will show you the exact location of your car at a particular point of time with the details of longitude and latitude to enable you to find your vehicle immediately. The app also sends GPS details to Google Maps in real time, where you can locate and find your car.

So how can I start tracking my car? Here are the easy steps:

  • Some people like to buy a cheap phone just for the sake of tracking their vehicle. All you need to do is to make sure that your mobile has data transmission activated so that you can gain access to your GPS information.
  • Now you need to choose a tracking service. Create an account and get your ID and password. The phone will ask you to grant access. This will get you started.
  • To keep your phone running, you need to connect it to the car battery. You will have to connect the phone charger to something that is always on like the light at the glove box. This works whether your car is running or parked. You might need to ask a professional for help to connect the electric circuit.
  • Now that your phone is all set, you might want to set it to silent mode so that it doesn’t notify thieves or intruders that your car is being tracked.

This simple and cheap GPS tracking device is guaranteed to work just like the ones installed in expensive cars. Your car will never get lost again. And it is also fun to have. You should try it!

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