Where Are You?

I remember when I sat there alone on the sofa, watching TV, pretty randomly zapping through
the channels. My Spouse said this Friday night she would join her girlfriends and celebrate
someones birthday. We used to do all things together, so my mind started triggering thoughts like;
was she really out with her friends? Where she at the place she had told me she would be at?
Where there also male friends joining?
I started getting worried and jealous without knowing
anything. Maybe was it because she had talked about a friend of her that had this boyfriend
cheating on her.
I knew that it is possible to track your own cell phone, but could I also track someone
elses cell phone? I started searching the internet for a way to locate her phone, I wanted to know now!
I found many phone tracker sites, but it took me a long time to find some really good
cell phone tracker app that was usable. I did not find anything free.
Why did I not want to call her? I simply did not want to show I was worried…
My search for a phone tracker ended up with no result. I realized that I needed to install some
gps tracking software on her phone. It was too late! I would have had to do this before she went out
and would it really be legal to track and locate a phone that was not mine.
After a worrysome night, she finally came back home…

I guess I have to trust my spouse?
What would you do? Would you use a cell phone tracker?

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